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Nourish Your Finances

Aronia is the perfect fuel—not just for your body, but also for your ultimate home-based business.

Welcome to life as an independent Lifebrook Advocate.

There are many ways to bring extra cash into your life. Few of them meet ALL these criteria...

  • Help yourself by helping others
  • Stay in total control of your time and energy
  • Become part of a purpose-driven community
  • Get all the tools and support you need to succeed
  • Have the personal recognition you deserve
  • Enjoy great tax benefits

A Product People Love

At the end of the day, every business large or small is only as good as its product. Lifebrook’s products are not just good—they’re awesome!

When people start drinking PURONIA, they quickly feel the benefits. You’ll hear from your own customers how happy they are with this fabulous gift of nature. And what’s really exciting, these personal reports are supported by a huge body of advanced science.

It Costs So Little to Start

How much would it cost you to buy a franchise? Open a local store? Or train as a high-paid professional? Think about those numbers when you consider the cost of becoming an independent Lifebrook Advocate: starting at just $49.95!

Yet Lifebrook is a real business with as much potential as any other that you might begin. The difference is you don’t have to risk your savings to get going:

  • NO Employees to hire
  • NO Inventory required
  • NO Special equipment
  • NO Qualifications needed
  • NO Bookkeeping systems

Once you’re enrolled as an independent Lifebrook Advocate we GIVE you all the essentials for your success…

  • Your own personal Lifebrook website
  • Beautiful marketing tools that tell the story for you
  • A complete “back office” to manage your business online
  • Powerful professional training
  • Personal mentorship

Four Ways to Join as a Lifebrook Advocate


FAST START PACK 1 - $120.00

  • 4 bottles of PURONIA
  • 1 bottle of Vitronia Daily
  • 1 bottle of Lifebrook Gummies
  • 1st Year access to Advocate Membership

FAST START PACK 2 - $180.00

  • 4 bottles of PURONIA
  • 1 bottle of Vitronia Daily
  • 1 bottle of Lifebrook Gummies
  • 1 Aronia Joint & Muscle Rub
  • 6 pack of Aronia Berry Soap
  • 1st Year access to Advocate Membership

FAST START PACK 3 - $240.00

  • 6 bottles of PURONIA
  • 1 bottle of Vitronia Daily
  • 2 bottles of Lifebrook Gummies
  • 1 Aronia Muscle & Joint Rub
  • 6 pack of Aronia Berry Soap
  • 1st Year access to Advocate Membership

Why Can’t Making Money be Fun?

Owning a business should be fun. Sadly, for many small entrepreneurs, the joy is drained away by financial anxiety, employee problems, and horrendous working hours.

Join a lively community of optimistic people.

Life as an independent Lifebrook Advocate is the opposite. While you’re building your financial strength, the biggest costs of doing business are borne by Lifebrook, not you. Instead of employees, you have a friendly team of entrepreneurs who are invested in your success. As for working hours… you choose! Every week, you put in as much time, or as little, as fits your schedule.

But the best part is, you are part of a lively community of optimistic people who are all heading the same direction… helping themselves by helping others.


Get the Recognition You Deserve

Whether you’re a homemaker or an employee, or both, it’s likely you sometimes think: “Does anyone around here realize what I’m contributing?”

Fact is, we all need recognition — for our talents, our effort, our loyalty, and our achievements. But most of us rarely get it.

When you become an independent Lifebrook Advocate, all that’s going to change. You’ll be encouraged and applauded at every step.

We believe passionately in giving each individual the recognition they deserve. So, we have a whole program of special rewards and awards to celebrate your progress as your business grows.

Come join our Lifebrook family, and let the good life flow!

Join The Lifebrook Team

Are you ready to start changing lives?

Enjoy a culture that is friendly, optimistic and uplifting, with all the practical support you need for business success, such as expert training and superb marketing tools.
Because we don't just grow aronia – we’re growing people, too.