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Our Story

Once in a generation, a scientific breakthrough changes the world of wellness: a discovery that has the power to lift millions of lives. Just such a breakthrough took place at the end of the last century, but for some 20 years it’s been hidden in plain sight.


Tony Heisterkamp, Lifebrook’s founder and CEO, had no intention of launching a wellness company when he bought a small farm back in 2005. After a successful career in the furniture industry, he and his wife Jennifer were looking for a quiet retirement in the countryside. They considered creating a nature preserve, but settled on planting an apple orchard.

Due to the physical demands of farm work, Tony began experiencing minor pain and inflammation in his hands and joints. Preferring a natural approach as he’d been using mangosteen to help, he was naturally curious when a friend told him that aronia delivers five times the antioxidant value. Tony tried aronia juice, and was so impressed by the results, he plunged into months of research. He and Jennifer became convinced they should set aside land to grow aronia bushes.

As an entrepreneur, Tony began marketing the fruit from his farm. He then discovered a scattering of independent farmers who were passionate about this remarkable fruit.


Tony recognized that the best way to tell a new story is person to person. People trust their friends far more than advertisements, and when a product has the unmistakable impact of aronia, it’s natural to share the benefits with others. So what better way to market aronia than through network marketing? That way, the product is explained in the most authentic way possible, and everyone involved can share the financial benefits.

Tony and Jennifer made their next big decision: they would launch a network marketing company to share aronia with the world. They named their enterprise Lifebrook, in order to convey their vision of changing lives with a new flow of wellness and prosperity.

100% Natural Products

Lifebrook’s founders set the highest standards for product integrity. Aronia is naturally beneficial in almost every form, but the quality and purity of production makes all the difference when it comes to real-world results.

Manufactured in America

We deliver the purest quality of natural health direct from farm to table.

Proprietary Formulation

We formulate pure aronia berry juice with supreme quality.

Daily Health Support

Aronia changes your life when used on a daily basis.


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